The Trusted Agent Podcast: Mike Reid on building a personal brand, becoming a person of influence, and standing out in a hyper-competitive field

Operating a service business and trading time for money while attempting to scale is one of the biggest issues most real estate agents face.

Mike Reid discovered this problem first hand when he and his business partner were running their own business and set about trying to solve the problem of scaling service businesses by building a personal brand.

Mike co-authored the best selling book, Key Person of Influence and co-founded Dent Global, a business accelerator program that helps founders of service firms establish themselves as industry experts.

In this Trusted Agent podcast with Sean Scoffield, Mike discusses how to effectively build your brand so that you can differentiate yourself from the competition in any highly competitive market.

He also talks about the importance of the five Ps and how you can use them to understand where you stand as a business and what you need to do to take things to the next level.

If you’re a time-poor agent struggling to stand out in a hyper-competitive industry or a principal or director wanting to build a trusted brand, this podcast is for you.

“Focus on building your personal brand and really lean into this idea of you as the individual being the champion and the ambassador of what you believe and your approaches and methods, and that can sit comfortably alongside the brokerage. The combination of those two, a brokerage and personal brand is a winning formula.” – Mike Reid

Sean and Mike also discuss:

  • How to effectively pitch your services in a social environment, a listing presentation or in a sales meeting.
  • How to stop selling your time by turning your products or services into thought leadership products.
  • The best way to answer the question, “what do you do?”, and how to pitch yourself in less than two minutes. 
  • How to stand out in a highly competitive, saturated industry by establishing thought leadership and building a brand.
  • Why publishing is the key to building trust around your own brand and the most effective way to communicate your ideas.
  • How to capitalise on your knowledge and the ideas in your head by productising your intellectual property.
  • The importance of creating assets that can generate income by building out a product ecosystem.
  • How to effectively build your profile through social media, traditional media, awards, live speaking and partnership.
  • Why the fastest way to accelerate trust with your audience is by watching, reading, listening and spending time doing things in your world. 

And much more…

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