The Trusted Agent Podcast: John Cunningham on knowing your value, looking after people, and understanding the true measure of success

Over the coming months Elite Agent is thrilled to bring you The Trusted Agent podcast in association with Real Estate Sales Online (RESO). Hosted by Sean Scoffield, this podcast features some of the most respected names in the industry, looking at what it takes to become an agent of choice.

John Cunningham has long been regarded as one of the true gentlemen of real estate. In a career that has spanned almost 45 years, he has built a reputation on the belief an agent’s real value is in helping their clients make good decisions.

It’s a simple philosophy but effective, and one that has allowed him to thrive no matter the market.

Along the way he has started a successful business that bears his name, transitioned from selling agent to leader, and has remained firmly focused on the fact real estate is part of a bigger life where family and community are at the core.

In this Trusted Agent podcast, John shares the philosophy that has led to his success, including the core values that ensure he never loses sight of what matters.

There’s something for everyone in this episode, whether it’s those starting out, those taking the business plunge or those looking for insight into leadership.  

It’s an honest and compelling interview about the lessons John has learned along the way, the people who changed his trajectory and the genuinely decent traits that translate to an agent people turn to time and again.

“It truly is an amazing privilege to have a real estate licence. And the responsibility is to act in the interests of your client. You do that, you’ll be looked after.” John Cunningham

Sean and John also discuss:

  • How real estate is all about matching people with property, and why John embraced that thinking early to kickstart a career of success
  • Why the values instilled in him by his parents have been key to a career where he genuinely connects with people, is curious about their needs, and has a singular focus on meeting their goals
  • How success is achieved when you look after people, and why staying true to that philosophy ensures John sleeps well each and every night
  • How he took the leap to establish Cunningham Real Estate, and why community became key to the growth of the business
  • Why he believes generosity in practice is one of the most important attributes of a great leader and how he empowers his team
  • How John came to implicitly understand the value he offers to his clients, and why that translates into them knowing exactly how much his services are worth in terms of expertise and trust
  • Why John set up a business model where not just agents, but property managers and administration staff are partners in the business and the benefits that structure offers  
  • How John got past the tendency to do everything in his business, stepped back and found his true flame, and why it took 10 years to fully shift into his current leadership role
  • John’s top tips for building connections, creating a career with longevity, and why there’s nothing to fear when you truly back yourself.

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