The Trusted Agent Podcast: Brady Yoshia on winning more business, advocating for buyers, and creating clients for life

In an industry where vendors are well-represented, there’s not always that much support for buyers.

After a seven-year career as a sales agent, Brady Yoshia saw that buyers were having a difficult time finding good properties and also struggled to negotiate effectively, leading her to become a buyer’s agent and ultimately start her own firm​​ Brady Marcs.

In this Trusted Agent podcast with Sean Scoffield, Brady discusses why buyers need to be represented in a real estate transaction and how buyer’s agents can work effectively with sales agents.

Brady also talks about how she creates clients for life by focusing on fostering genuine, mutually beneficial relationships rather than basing everything on the business transaction.

She also discusses how both sales agents and buyer’s agents can win more business by being genuine, transparent and bringing positive energy.

If you’re a buyer’s agent or sellers agent wanting to learn how to turn one-off clients into lifelong friends that constantly refer new business, this podcast is for you.

“I don’t just want to sign people up as a buyer and never see them again. I want to be able to be on their property journey with them. There has to be mutual friendship and mutual trust.” – Brady Yoshia

Sean and Brady also discuss:

  • How to grow your client base with social media by building up trust and credibility with stories, testimonials and case studies.
  • Why being an effective buyer’s agent is about moving beyond simply negotiating to truly being an advocate that is helping a client on their buying journey.
  • How to win more listings by being honest, genuine and accurate when you are appraising the value of a property.
  • How to get a listing if you’re a new sales agent without many runs on the board, and the process and mindset you need to embrace.
  • Why positive energy can be an incredibly effective tool to help clients become more comfortable with you so you can win more listings.
  • How to be a highly effective buyer’s agent by helping clients overcome fear and anxiety around a property transaction.
  • Why you never want to ‘buy a listing’ and should focus on honesty and giving an accurate price range for a property.
  • How to win more business by increasing your touchpoints and building rapport with your clients over a long period of time.
  • The most effective way to get business from friends and family and how to manage that line in the sand between personal relationships and business.

And much more…

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