The Trusted Agent Podcast: Ashleigh Goodchild on improving your processes, working with interstate investors and building your referral network

Ashleigh Goodchild has been active in the Perth real estate market for more than 20 years and has built a reputation as a top advocate for investors.

With a property management background that started when she was 23, Ashleigh turned her focus to helping and educating investors. 

Ashleigh’s skill, along with the huge demand for property in Perth, has seen her businesses, Soco Realty and Property Profiling Perth, experience phenomenal organic growth.

In this Trusted Agent podcast with Sean Scoffield, Ashleigh shares how she was able to build a flourishing referral network, as well as what she believes sales agents need to be doing to improve their businesses and get better results for their clients.

Whether you’re in sales, property management or looking at growing your business, there’s something in this podcast for everyone, with plenty of lessons on what it takes to be a trusted agent through the lens of someone who regularly buys for investors and deals first-hand with all manner of sales agents.

“”It’s great that agents have lots of different ways of marketing and things work for different people. But behind the scenes, efficiency is still the biggest thing to become a trusted agent.” Ashleigh Goodchild 

Sean and Ashleigh also discuss:

  • How Ashleigh was able to rapidly build her referral network and expand her business at a record pace.
  • Tips on the best social media platforms for organic marketing and how to use them for maximum effect.
  • How to build trust and create a ‘warm lead’ before meeting a new client.
  • Why sales agents who work reactively, rather than proactively, will always struggle to compete, and how agents can get on the front foot.
  • What the best agents are doing right now when it comes to process and why good process is the key to getting better results for your business and vendors.
  • Why agents need to deliver on what they promise regardless of market conditions.
  • Why efficiency behind the scenes is the key to becoming a both a top agent and a trusted agent.
  • How to deal with interstate investors and the ways to better educate all buyers regardless of their location or background.

And much, much more

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