The Trusted Agent Podcast: Anthony Webb on succession, culture, and creating your own leadership legacy

Over the course of his 23-year real estate career, Anthony Webb has worked in virtually every role there is within the industry.

That experience is now paying major dividends in his latest position as the Chief Executive Officer of PhilipWebb Real Estate in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Having taken over the CEO title from his father in 2018, Anthony has set about putting his own stamp on the business with a focus on culture and developing leadership at all levels.

In this Trusted Agent podcast with Sean Scoffield, Anthony discusses how his journey through the industry has shaped the type of leader he is today and how others can continue to improve their own leadership capabilities.

He also talks about the importance of building a company culture that embraces all those who are a part of it and how that culture can then attract top talent to your organisation.

If you’re a principal or director or want to establish yourself as a leader within the real estate industry, this episode is for you.

“One of my big values in everything I do is authenticity. There’s no point trying to be someone else. If I wouldn’t do something for one of my friends, I wouldn’t do it for one of my clients. Authenticity resonates through everything.” – ​​Anthony Webb

Sean and Anthony also discuss:

  • The importance of communication in real estate and why it’s critical to deal with people based on their own circumstances.
  • How to develop a culture within your organisation and build leadership throughout all levels.
  • The most effective way to recruit new staff so you know they are going to be the right fit for your culture.
  • The role technology can play in leveraging the work that your team is already doing and how to give time back to people.
  • How to constantly improve your leadership skills and encourage leadership in all aspects of your organisation.
  • The value of referrals when you’re trying to build your team and develop a culture and how to recruit the right people.

And much, much more…

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