The Trusted Agent Podcast: Adrian Knowles on building relationships, becoming an area expert, and how to avoid the emotional rollercoaster

If you focus on building relationships first, leads, listings and ultimately transactions will follow.

The importance of establishing relationships across all areas of real estate is something CEO of Harcourts, Adrian Knowles, knows better than most.

Having owned two real estate agencies and having held multiple corporate roles within the industry, Adrian attributes much of his success to focusing on the long-term and building relationships.

In this Trusted Agent podcast with Sean Scoffield, Adrian discusses how agents can grow their businesses and their personal brands by focusing more on the relationship side of the industry and less on chasing listings.

He also speaks about the importance of becoming a local area expert and how that can exponentially grow your businesses as well as the ways a new agent can break into the industry by finding the right location.

If you’re an agent looking to become a top performer or if you’re a new agent trying to forge a career, this episode is for you.

“Trust is built over time and trust is built through relationships. Trust is a real estate agent’s commodity and that’s what they do every single day.” – Adrian Knowles

Sean and Adrian also discuss:

  • The importance of service before sales and going back to the traditional way agents used to operate.
  • How building databases and becoming a local area expert can allow you to develop trust.
  • Why agents need to focus less on finding appraisals and direct their attention towards identifying people who want to be informed about what property is doing in their area.
  • The power of giving service and having the right attitude, and why it can trump skill every day of the week.
  • Why starting your career in a high turnover area will give yourself the best chance of succeeding in the industry early on.
  • The difference between prospecting and profiling, and what agents can do to stand out from the crowd.
  • Why inconsistent prospecting is the big driver of failure in real estate and how to set yourself up to succeed.
  • How to build trust and relationships by being a true local area expert and giving value to people in your community
  • The best ways to use technology to help agents gain consistency and build relationships more effectively.

And much, much more…

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