The Secret to Making Letterbox Drops Really Work

The faithful letterbox drop was once one of the favourite tools in a real estate agent’s marketing toolkit. However, times have changed. Pamphlets and junk mail get thrown in the trash, largely unread. Rather than engaging potential buyers, you are more likely to be annoying them.

Considering the cost and time required to produce and distribute published materials for letterbox drops, it simply isn’t worth the investment for many agencies. If this sounds like you, there are many other options for your marketing strategy.

Do letterbox drops still work?

Each agency ultimately has a different marketing strategy that best suits their market. Letterbox drops can still be an effective strategy for reaching some older audiences and passive buyers. However, the two most important demographics participating in the property market are more effectively reached on the internet: 99 per cent of millennials and 89 per cent of baby boomers find property online.

While print marketing still has some role to play in the marketing mix, it’s best to allocate the majority of your marketing budget to targeted digital advertising tactics such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and more.

Reasons to move away from the letterbox drop

  1. High level of environmental impact and waste
  2. High production and distribution costs
  3. Unpredictable ‘drop and pray’ marketing approach
  4. Difficult to measure ROI

Introducing the digital letterbox drop

Instead of wasting paper and money and harassing homeowners with printed collateral in their mailbox, why not try distributing your message online?

The benefits are numerous:

  1. Reach homeowners while they are scrolling online
  2. Streamline your marketing budget and get data-driven results
  3. Reduce your impact on the environment

Vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants are all spending a lot of time on the internet. How easy are your listings to find when people are looking to buy, sell or rent property online?

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Greg McCutcheon

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