The most popular keywords to sell a listing

When agents list a property on a real estate portal do the words used make a difference when trying to make the sale?

Are these keywords designed to impress the potential buyer or should they be targeted towards what a buyer actually wants?

Well, it turns out these questions have been answered by Point2Homes in the US, who analysed over 1.2 million listings featuring 65 million keywords.

It turns out, it takes a combination of both practical and engaging keywords to sell a property.

Based on the study, there are a few key lessons that all agents can use, next time they list a property.

Most important features
Without a doubt, the study showed that the most important keywords were ‘granite countertops’, ‘hardwood floors’ and ‘stainless-steel appliances’.

These features were most important across all price points and in every region in the US. For many buyers, these features are clearly non-negotiables and make a property far more saleable.

Next in line were ‘open floor plan’, ‘fenced backyard’ and ‘recovered patio’ and all features were highly valued in properties under $1 million.

Kitchen is key
According to the study, the kitchen really is the ‘soul’ of the property. As such, all the appliances, features and upgrades in the kitchen are absolutely vital for all potential buyers and a great place to start for agents when they are creating a listing.

Again if a kitchen features ‘granite countertops’ and ‘stainless-steel appliances’, it is far more likely to be viewed positively by buyers and will be in higher demand even at the lower end of the market.

Different price ranges
Despite the fact we might assume there would be a significant difference in the words used in listings with properties priced in the $250k-500k compared to $1 million -$5 million – it turns out there isn’t.

Keywords in both price ranges feature very similar listing descriptions. This is because we are generally seeing an upgrade in the expectation of buyers with upgrades being done to meet those level of expectations.

This is even true of homes under $250k with the most popular features still based around the kitchen features, particularly ‘granite countertops’ and ‘stainless-steel appliances’.

However, when we examine the listing of properties that are above the $5 million mark, we do start to see a larger difference in keywords.

In this space, it is more important use terms such as ‘chef/gourmet kitchen’, ‘pool and spa’, ‘ocean views’ and ‘wine cellar’.

The Point2Homes study is clearly demonstrating that while buyers want a home at the right price in the best location they can afford, they still want high-quality features – particularly in the kitchen.

It’s really only when we start moving into the more luxury homes priced upwards of $5 million that buyers do require those premium features. And listings need to reflect that.

Most Popular Keywords

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Rowan Crosby

Rowan Crosby is a senior journalist at Elite Agent specialising in finance and real estate.