The importance of being nice: Candice Di Prinzio

Candice Di Prinzio had an unusually early start in real estate – at just five years old. Her parents’ work ethic taught her she could do everything and, as a busy salesperson who is also a mum, chair of a community organisation and would-be councillor, Candice has certainly made the most of those early lessons.

What was your first job and what did it teach you? 

My first job was slave labour! My parents had a real estate office from when I was five years old and they used to let me do small tasks: filing, emptying bins and so on. I absolutely loved it – probably why I’m still in the industry today.

It taught me a few lessons. 1. Be grateful for hard-working parents – they taught me that I can be everything all at once: a mother, career woman and wife. 2. Know the value of hard work and take nothing for granted – everything is earned. 3. Have fun in your workplace – you can be social and get your work done all at once. Enjoy your time at work as you spend so much time there.

How did you get your start in real estate, and what does your current role involve?

My start in the industry was due to my parents being in the biz, but I was never forced to follow in their footsteps. I chose to do so after leaving school and have never looked back. I started at the humble reception desk learning the ropes, went into sales coordination and marketing, completed my Sales and Property Management certificate and started working as a PA to my dad. I then finally completed my Triennial to own and run an agency, and was the Licensee of the office for a period of time.

I still remember making the jump from administration into sales. I would be working with a purchaser and, when they made an offer, would run through negotiation techniques with my dad. Slowly but surely, I started to feel more confident in working through offers, and now one of my favourite parts of a real estate transaction is bringing together willing buyers and sellers, to help make both their dreams a reality.

Have fun in your workplace – you can be social and get your work done all at once.

What do you think is unique about your area, Mandurah?

Mandurah is an amazingly diverse, fast-growing city. It takes its name from a Noongar word meaning ‘meeting place’ and, to me, that truly is what Mandurah is all about – our vast social demographic, our beaches filled with dolphins, the Peel-Harvey estuary with abundant migratory waterbirds… there’s a definite theme of coming together and working in with each other.

Our real estate is similar – we have everything from old shacks on large blocks of land to brand new, smaller cottage-style lots to an award-winning marina showcasing multimillion-dollar properties.

Tell us about your community work, Shape Mandurah, and what your role as its chairman involves.

This group was formed with the intention of activating under-utilised city-centre spaces to create a more vibrant community. It helps local residents to become involved through different workshops and projects. Shape Mandurah wants to know what the people of Mandurah have to say and uses their ideas to help solve pinpointed issues.

I’ve been the chairperson of Shape Mandurah for the last two years. My role ranges from facilitating and organising marketing, meetings and workshops to meeting with local community members and working with our voluntary committee members on community projects and events.

What do you believe are the qualities of a good community or real estate leader?

Be a nice person! Others will want to work with you (and for you) if you are genuine about what you’re doing and kind in your approach. Be organised, resilient and don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy or incapable – have strength in your own self and your abilities.

Do you have a mentor, or someone that inspires you?

My family are my complete self-help unit! Each and every person in my life showers me with love and acceptance, and truly inspires me to be the best version of myself – which is constantly changing.

What other goals would you like to achieve?

I would love to run again as a councillor in my area in the next year or so. Last year I missed out by a small margin (it was hard ‘pounding the pavement’ whilst seven months pregnant!). I really feel that I can give back to my community by being their advocate and discuss ways to make action happen from the ground up. It’s all about bringing people together to help further shape Mandurah’s story and ensure a thriving community.

What advice would you give someone starting in real estate?

Listen and learn. Find out the key players in the industry in your area and ask to shadow them. Don’t go in with an ‘I already know’ attitude – be a blank canvas and learn from the bottom up. Be confident and sure in yourself and your ability. And if you don’t know, ask! There’s no shame in finding out the answer instead of giving the wrong one.

Approach the industry with the same morals and values as you would approach anything in your life; this helps earn trust and respect in the long run.

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