The Boeing 737 that’s been converted into a luxury Bali home

Retired aircraft are often sold off for parts or installed in a museum, but a Boeing 737 being converted into a high-end luxury villa in Bali is slightly more out of the ordinary.

According to CNN, a Boeing 737, which was previously part of the Mandala Airlines’ fleet was purchased by a developer in 2021 and shipped to a remote clifftop near Nyang-Nyang beach on the Indonesian island of Bali, where it was transformed into a luxury hotspot.

The now two-bedroom, two-bathroom private villa includes a swimming pool and a five-star fit-out and is available to rent from April with nightly rates starting at around US$7000.

Picture: Felix Demin/Private Jet Villa

The interior features a living room complete with a bar, a sofa bed, and a glass portal, as well as two bedrooms each equipped with a walk-in closet.

The cockpit has been transformed into a spacious bathroom, and extra portholes have been added to offer views of the ocean from the inside.

Additionally, the property boasts sun loungers, an outdoor lounge area, and a fire pit for relaxation and entertaining.

Owner of the Bubble Hotel Bali hotel chain and project developer Felix Demin said he saw the potential when he first came across the plane.

“Even before buying it, I thought that it was possible to convert it into some kind of unique object, and decided to concentrate on creating a villa,” Mr Demin told CNN.

Mr Demin said he wanted to make a big impact with the design and make the most of the unique location.

“I want people to experience the ‘wow effect’ from every second of being in this unusual
place,” he said.

“Everything was done for the single purpose to get exactly the picture that was originally planned.

Picture: Felix Demin/Private Jet Villa

Mr Demin said the process of transporting the plane to its final location which sits 150 metres above sea level was incredibly challenging.

“It was the most sleepless five days of my life,” he said.

“We had to take it apart after consulting with the Boeing team.

“We’ve loosened 50,000 bolts.”

According to Mr Demin, the aircraft has been gaining a huge amount of attention, particularly with people keen to get a picture for social media.

“One day I came and saw a broken fence and 150 people sitting on our plane,” he said.

Given the precarious clifftop position and the huge amount of attention, Mr Demin has put numerous safety procedures in place including placing a barrier on the rock.

After years of work on the project, Demin is looking forward to finally welcoming guests to the private jet villa, which is on schedule to open its doors in April.

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