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Tameka Smith: Quality over quantity

Mentoring other agents has taught Key2 Property’s Tameka Smith that sharing and supporting one another is critical for the real estate industry

On getting into real estate
I was working in property valuations and was approached by a well-known real estate agent to join his business. I started in administration then moved very quickly into property management.

The happiest moment in my career
Establishing my own rental company, with a very clear quality over quantity approach. Winning a few awards in 2018, including the REIA Residential Property Manager, REIT President’s Award, and Elite Agent PM Transform. Mentoring and supporting agents in setting up their rental businesses modelling mine.

The most memorable moment
My very first listing! I still remember the little two-bedroom cottage on Batten Street. They were my very first client, trusting a young girl with no experience to look after their valuable asset. They are still clients of mine today!

Best advice she’s received
Be the best version of you, you are not in competition with anyone but yourself!

Biggest challenge
Agents tearing each other down. Unfortunately I see so much of this in my training role. Agents will treat each other poorly to try and gain a listing. I believe that the more you share with each other and support each other, the better the industry is as a whole.

Change for good?
Same legislation and standards from state to state. Let’s have the same level of service standards and fees across the country!

‘Elite’ agent means
An Elite Agent is someone who wants the industry as a whole to offer world-class service, builds other agents up, doesn’t drop fees and works in the local community that supports them.

#WeAreRealEstate is a series of short interviews with 140 agents all over Australia, exploring the industry’s hopes, concerns, future challenges, and what it really means to be an Elite Agent. 

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