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Take a stand for your health: VariDesk

According to the World Health Organization, the average adult spends about a third of their life at work, and in a sedentary era ruled by technology, chances are much of that is spent sitting.

In real estate it’s no exception and it’s little secret that’s no good for your health.

“The term ‘sitting disease’ is a phrase that is being used by more and more people as we are reliant upon technology to help us in our daily lives,” notes standing desk creator VariDesk, who supply adjustable desks that can be alternated to accommodate sitting or standing throughout the day.

“Numerous studies and reports are released each year, the list of health risks range from minor to serious.

“The truth is that on the whole we are all sitting far too much. The risks can include obesity as your metabolism starts to shut down, back and neck pain, low energy and productivity, and even depression. All of these can lead to many serious conditions in the future.”

One of those reports comes courtesy of the American Journal of Epidemiology, who have found people who sit for more than six hours during their leisure time have a higher death rate of up to 40 per cent.

Meanwhile, VariDesk cites further research that indicates sitting can also have a serious impact on your memory, those with sedentary lifestyles are twice as likely to have cardiovascular disease than those who are active, and standing burns more calories than sitting.

“Other short-term benefits of sitting less include reduced muscular pain such as neck and back pain, increased concentration, focus and productivity of 46 per cent, while standing improves your circulation through the increased blood flow,” they state.

“Health bodies advise breaking up long periods of sitting time,” VariDesk reflects.

“A standing desk delivers an impressive 87 per cent decrease in stress and fatigue. By splitting your time 50-50 between sitting and standing, you will also be able to improve your physical, metabolic and even mental health, resulting in a more productive and happier work day.”

You can learn more about VariDesk’s standing desks at

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