Stone Real Estate Seaforth expands with local husband and wife team

Stone Real Estate in Seaforth is enjoying an expansion, welcoming highly experienced local agents Andrew and Melissah White to their team.

Both Mr and Mrs White have significant experience in the industry, and previously owned Ray White Balgowlah. Mrs White has been in the industry almost two decades, while Mr White is described as an industry veteran and is also a licensed auctioneer.

“After five years of running the business from a start-up, we decided at this point in our lives to scale-down and do more of what we love doing, which is listing and selling property, without the added stress of running the business,” they said.

Principals of Stone Seaforth, Maria Cassarino, Phillip Wright and Chris Elliott, said they were actively looking to expand with the right people, and Mr and Mrs White more than met the criteria.

“From sharing the same marketplace with Andrew and Melissah, we had first-hand insight as to who they are and how they run their business. There’s always been a mutual respect and we’re ecstatic they came to us to pitch the idea.

“The most important credentials for anyone joining our team are synergy and teamwork, and from our first meeting it was immediately apparent we could work together. Fortunately, the feeling was mutual, we worked out a way to make it happen and here they are.”

As part of the expansion Stone Seaforth will open a new office in the heart of Seaforth Village.


Melissah White
Andrew White

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