Stone Real Estate opens new franchise in Warner, Queensland

Real estate franchise network Stone is continuing to capitalise on the enormous growth potential in Queensland with a brand new office

The Announcement:

Stone Real Estate has announced its latest Queensland office, located in the Pine Rivers district of Warner, north-west of Central Brisbane.

The office previously operated as family business Ward Real Estate, run by owners John and Sue Ward, as part of a team that shares in over 75 years of real estate experience. The business has been operating for seven years, initially as part of a franchise group and then independently for the last two years.

John Ward said: “As with all small businesses, you’re constantly busy keeping up with new software, new regulations, constant changes to social media, the list is endless”.

At the end of the day the core thing you want to be able to do in a real estate business is help people buy and sell houses, and manage rental properties for owners and tenants to the best of your abilities, using the best systems and processes available.

“We knew we needed to make a change that would make our business better and stronger, not just for us but for all our clients also.” 

John also revealed that multiple different real estate brands had reached out in the past, but that he and Sue had never really considered joining them until Stone Real Estate.

“We had seen Stone Real Estate on social media, signboards, and websites etc, which always looked sleek and stylish, but more importantly after our meeting with them, we could see that this was a company who put its people first, and when combined with their exceptional support and technology. 

“We knew that this was a franchise that would make a difference to our business, which in turn meant our clients would receive a better experience. Something we always strive for. “

Warner has seen huge growth in the past two years going from a median sale price of $505,000 to $867,000 as of August 2022, John explained.

“A similar growth has occurred to most of the surrounding suburbs also. This combined with several new developments provides ample opportunity for both rental and sales growth. 

“We are both so excited to see what the next year holds for us and Stone Real Estate Warner.”

Stone Real Estate Queensland Founding Partner Scott Kelly said: “An important part of our growth strategy in Queensland is identifying thriving and ambitious local businesses like John and Sue’s, with our objective to tangibly assist them achieve their future growth targets”.

“We’re pleased to announce that John and Sue will bring their real estate agency into the group, particularly after they’d received interest from competitor franchises.”

Stone Real Estate Head Of Franchise, Luke Cameron, said: “It’s fantastic to see that the tech capabilities that we provide to our franchises remains a key reason why existing businesses choose to join Stone”.

We look forward to helping John and Sue take their fantastic operation to new heights.”

Source: Media+Capital Partners

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