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What is the state of leadership in real estate?

Research is currently being conducted to understand the state of leadership in real estate to help principals and managers build their skills.

CoreLogic, together with TMJ COACHING, are surveying real estate agents across all levels to gather insights into the key issues leaders face in the industry, how well prepared they feel to deal with those issues and the different styles of leadership used and their effectiveness.

The survey is called the Real eState of Leadership. The findings will be launched in May 2017 as an industry report, similar to the CoreLogic Consumer Perceptions reports which have delivered landmark insights into how agents can improve their customer service to both vendors and buyers.

“The research is designed to provide the industry with insights and a measure of its current performance,” said Tanja M Jones from TMJ COACHING.

“We want to understand whether the current experiences of leadership are in alignment with the challenges we face as an industry and how we can raise the bar on leadership skills to empower teams to thrive whilst elevating the client experience.”

The findings will be used to inform new training and create a benchmark for leaders to compare and examine their own skills and leadership styles.

Kylie Davis, head of property marketing solutions at CoreLogic, said the industry was hungry for insights into the best way to build its behavioural skills.

“Real estate is a fabulous industry for encouraging self-development and improving work performance but a lot of this is focused around product or real estate knowledge,” she said.

“At CoreLogic, we’re committed to providing the data that helps agents understand what behaviours are in demand – regardless of whether that behaviour is expected by consumers or employees.”

The survey can be filled in here  with every completed survey going into the draw to win a $500 Flight Centre voucher.

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