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Starr Partners puts its agents to the honesty test

When real estate agents featured amongst the lowest ranked professionals for honesty, Douglas Driscoll, CEO of real estate group Starr Partners, set out to prove it wasn’t so by putting some of his agents to the ultimate test – a polygraph machine.

Engaging independent forensic polygraph company Advanced Polygraph, Douglas sat down with his agents to ask them questions from whether they had ever deliberately lied to their clients and if they had ever opened a client’s drawers, to whether they picked their nose, stalked an ex on Facebook and what they thought of their boss.

Douglas believes that like any industry, there’s going to be an unscrupulous underbelly but generally speaking, real estate agents are honest and professional.

“We believe it’s best to address the elephant in the room rather than bury our heads in the sand. Clearly there is a trust issue with estate agents and this needs to be tackled head-on because in my opinion, 99.9 per cent of our industry operate with integrity and honesty, and we’re happy to poke a bit of fun at ourselves and be a little self-deprecating to prove it,” he says.

The video is fast gaining popularity on Facebook. It can be viewed here.

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