Stand Out In Your Marketing with Expert Copy and Creative

Are you a part of the growing crowd in real estate who has decided to employ a graphic designer to work on your internal marketing? This may be the moment you reconsider that decision, as we ask: why not choose to work with a creative agency instead?

Evidently, there are pros to hiring your very own trained employee, such as the constant access to their skills to build your DL campaigns or in-house certificates each month. Yet, when they get bogged down with these small tasks, the ability to lead the industry and develop innovative concepts is lost.

Choosing a full creative agency like Identity Marketing can offer you so much more. With a team of marketing gurus, graphic designers, digital and web developers, social media experts, videographers and copywriters, a broad skillset is instantly at your disposal. And the best part is they work exclusively with real estate agents!

After working with agencies across Australia and New Zealand, Identity Marketing has the experience to anticipate your needs, and is constantly developing new products to combat your daily struggles.

“We’ve worked with over 150 agents in the last few years, and this has really given us the chance to monitor trends across so many marketplaces,” says Sales Director Steve Osborn.

“Our team are experts in effectively showcasing an agent’s brand across their marketplace; they know what works and can help you get the right message across to consumers.”

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