Sportelli name continues to lead RE/MAX Integrity

Real estate has been a part of Roslyn Sportelli’s life for as long as she can remember. In fact, it’s in her blood. Her parents, Nerina and John Sportelli, are well respected within the industry and have together won numerous accolades in recognition for their involvement and contribution to real estate.

Now, after 13 years at the helm of RE/MAX Integrity and a lifetime devoted to the industry, Nerina and John have passed the reins on to their daughter.

Beginning her new role of broker-owner with RE/MAX Integrity comes as no shock to Roslyn, who has been paramount in the success of the agency over the last 13 years.

“I suppose I have just naturally gravitated toward the industry and developed a passion for it, which I can thank my family for encouraging,” says Ms Sportelli.

“Ever since I could, I have been involved with the family business and being able to share the success of the business with loved ones has been, while at times challenging, overwhelmingly rewarding.”

A leader in her own right, Roslyn has been at the forefront of the family business for many years and it would appear that taking over the business was always going to happen.

“Did I always want to take over from my parents? There’s no easy answer to that,” says Ms Sportelli.

“Again, it really was a natural progression. They were ready to move on and take a well-earned break and I was ready to seize the opportunity to continue to grow the business.”

Recently, RE/MAX Integrity relocated from its Fortitude Valley office to be based permanently in the rapidly-growing Brisbane suburb of Albion.

They say change is as good as a holiday, but the Sportelli family suggests those who say that have never attempted to move a double-story office from its 20-year-plus location, all the while managing a change of ownership in the business.

Following in someone else footsteps is never an easy feat, but for Roslyn it’s one she’s grasping with both hands, with a strengthened enthusiasm to succeed.

“I will always have the support of my family behind me, but my focus now is purely on moving forward as a company and continuing to grow the business long term,” she says.

“I have always lived by my mother’s advice to just keep going: to learn from experiences and keep moving forward. And that is exactly what I’m putting into practice.”

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