Simon Watts comes out tops in Openn’s agent performance report

Northern Territory agent, Simon Watts of Real Estate Central has taken out the top spots for Highest Total Value of Property Sold and Highest Number of Listings, in Openn’s first quarterly agent performance report of the new financial year.  

The report provides a snapshot of key market trends and the rankings of top agents using the online property sales platform.

Mr Watts recorded the highest total value of property sold in the quarter at $9,474,894 and also had the highest number of listings with 24.

Mr Watts began using Openn shortly after the company launched in the Northern Territory in August last year.

“We happened upon Openn at a really great time, actually,” Mr Watts said.

“The market had just begun to recover, and leveraging that recovery with this new digital sales technology has contributed to our buoyant year,” he said.

Mr Watts said while adopting new processes could be intimidating, agencies needed to use digital sales methods to stay relevant.

“Times are changing, and the world is getting more and more digital,” he said.

“We need to take a hold of these new processes to avoid being left behind. People are used to buying things online via eBay or Amazon, and real estate should be no different – you’re buying and selling; it’s a transaction. It should be transparent.”

The report also revealed a consistently strong Australian property market, reflected in accelerated buyer activity and impressive property results.

The number of bids/offers per property were up 71 per cent year-on-year, and 24 per cent of properties sold for more than $50,000 above expectations.

“These results demonstrate why it is difficult for agents to accurately price properties right now, the market is simply moving so swiftly,” Openn’s Managing Director, Peter Gibbons, said.

By allowing buyers to submit offers digitally, Mr Gibbons said agents could capture every buyer, giving them multiple opportunities to improve their offer in a consistent and easy to manage process.

“The ability to run a transparent digital negotiation helps agents maintain positive relationships with buyers – as they can feel comfortable the process was fair and they are kept in the loop every step of the way,” he said.

“For sellers, it means they get the best chance to extract the highest price from the market and can feel confident they aren’t underselling their property.”

Clearance rates for properties sold through the platform remained strong this quarter, sitting at a median of 85.7 per cent.

Other leading agents of the quarter included: 

·         Campaign of the Quarter – Sharon Mudiman and Bradley George, Bespoke Realty Group, for 113 Mayo Rd, Llandilo, which had 16 buyers, 13 days on market, 10 registered interest and 227 bids.

·         Most Buyers on a Property – Brad Scott, Smart Real Estate, with 51.

·         Lowest Median Days on Market – Lukas Pedder, Elders Real Estate Mildura and Wes Thornton, Real Estate Geelong at five days.

To view the full list of top performing agents, download the report here.

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