Seven Spring styling tips for your outdoor space

Property stylist and author Justine Wilson has revealed her top seven useful tips to revamp outdoor spaces in spring.

The announcement:

Spring has finally arrived! To kick off the season Justine Wilson, award-winning property stylist, author, and founder of Vault Interiors shares her top seven do it yourself Spring styling tips and tricks for the often-neglected outdoor spaces around the home.

“What could be more welcoming than a pretty outdoor space? Think nice plants at the front door, dressing up your veranda or adding pops of colour to the back garden, patio, or deck,” Ms Wilson said.

“A beautiful outdoor space can also add value to your home by creating function and street appeal. With a bit of creativity and small budget, any outdoor space can be transformed.”

Outdoor Room Spring Styling Tips for 2021: 

1. Consider creating places to sit with outdoor lounges or armchairs. Use scatter cushions to finish. If you have a large garden, it’s nice to create lots of different zones for mingling and relaxing. Mix it up with some sun lounges, pod sets, or garden benches dotted in different corners to encourage use of the full yard.

2. At the front door consider a few symmetrical potted plants that will frame your entry and look dramatic. A nice door mat also sets the scene as well as being practical.

3. Bring nature in with birdbaths. They create a focal point especially when surrounded by a bed of colourful flowers. They will also attract local wildlife, which will breathe life into your outdoor space.

4. If you have a dead space alongside your house or an area that feels a bit lifeless, consider paving or decking and add a café set and fairy lights overhead for a magical alfresco feel.

5. You can paint your outdoor areas to inject new life, the same as you would with an interior, so consider a fun feature wall, or a coloured deck, or simply paint your old timber outdoor sets. You can even paint planter pots to inject personality and fun outside and customise to suit your favourite accent colours.

6. Decorating outdoor wall spaces are often overlooked, but why not treat them as if they were interior walls in need of artwork? Large outdoor clocks, sundials or an array of outdoor nature motifs can be hung. Also, overscale mirrors or hanging plants can work wonders to dress the scene.

7. You can add lots of personality with outdoor accessories, such as outdoor rugs, cushions, vases and general décor such as lanterns, vases or candles. This is a great way to style for each season and refresh the space – depending on your mood and current style or the occasion.

Source: 360 PR

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