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Sarah Gutzke: Brick by brick

Over the past 10 years, Ray White’s Sarah Gutzke has built a career in property management, just as her family made the bricks and beams for their farmhouse, which she recently rented to new tenants

On getting into real estate
When I was 19, I was working in a sandwich shop and thought I needed to find a career. My cousin was a property manager, so I thought I would give it a go too. Nearly 10 years later, I still love it.

The happiest moment in my career
A really proud moment of my career was being awarded the Ray White Queensland Property Manager of the Year for 2016/17. It was so awesome to be recognised by the Ray White Group. Definitely one of the happiest moments of my career! 

The most memorable moment
Just recently our team leased my husband’s Grandma and Papa’s farm house. Not only does this hold a lot of sentimental value for me personally, it was really cool to learn that they hand made the bricks for the property, and the timber frame was milled from trees on their farm. It was really great to see a new family rent the property and call it home. 

Best advice she’s received
Talk to your clients. Good news, bad news, or no news. Just communicate with them. 

Biggest challenge
I think with the way that technology is progressing, it will be more important than ever to ensure we create relationships with our clients and keep that human interaction alive. Technology is awesome to help streamline our processes, but shouldn’t be used in place of a good ol’ fashioned chat.

Change for good?
I think consistency across all Australian states and territories’ legislative requirements would be a huge positive. The same notice periods, the same fee structures, the same requirements etc. 

‘Elite’ agent means
An elite agent is someone who goes above and beyond for their clients, someone who grabs an opportunity to better their clients’ experience by both hands. An agent who understands there is always room for improvement, or change, and welcomes fresh ideas or technology with the understanding of how it will be beneficial for their client

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