Samsung and Microsoft collaborate to deliver smart property management of the future

A new pilot between the two companies will offer a single, integrated portal for managing devices and smart appliances in buildings.

Microsoft and Samsung announced a new partnership Monday to build technology for the real estate industry.

This collaboration, combining smart appliances and digital cloud technologies, aims at helping to drive improved building operations and maintenance, along with creating better experiences for both service technicians and residents.

This new strategic alliance, with pilots currently under development, uses Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform and productivity cloud services with Samsung’s smart devices and SmartThings platform.

The goal of the platform is to optimise building operations, equipment maintenance, energy management, asset performance, and new tenant experiences for commercial, hospitality and residential buildings as well as mixed-use developments.

IoT data can from building systems and management can be leveraged to improve building maintenance and management with the creation of dashboards for handling issues in real time, or before they need repair.

Further, the Microsoft platform uses machine learning and AI to help building managers and operators determine what issues should be addressed in what order.

The collaboration will leverage data from Samsung’s range of smart refrigerators, washing machines, vacuums, air purifiers, ovens and other devices connected through the SmartThings platform.

Building operators can monitor nearly all devices in real-time, identifying issues and taking appropriate measures before any real damage happens.

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“We believe collaboration with a key partner like Microsoft is essential for innovation, as the company shares our vision of inspiring the world to shape the future by innovating in technology and products,” said Chanwoo Park, corporate vice president heading up the IoT Biz Group at Samsung.

“Together with Microsoft, we are helping to solve real challenges faced by our customers by creating secure integrated insight and digital solutions that keep properties functioning sustainably and efficiently while providing better experiences for residents.”

“This collaboration with Samsung opens up new opportunities for further innovation in the real estate development and property management industries,” said Sam George, corporate vice president, Azure IoT, Microsoft.

“Investing in digital twins sets a foundation to unlock future opportunities. We are working with thought leaders around the world to advance the intelligence of our buildings and see enormous potential to positively impact building operations, asset management and customer experiences.”

The National University of Singapore (NUS) will serve as the pilot for solutions pioneered under this alliance between Samsung and Microsoft as part of the university’s ongoing efforts to create a smart, safe and sustainable campus for students and staff.

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Samantha McLean

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