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Sam Bevan Tops the Leaderboard in Transform 2018

In a close fought contest between more than 120 agents, Sam Bevan from Realmark Coastal come out on Top in Transform 2018

Transform 2018 has been described as the ‘tough mudder’ of real estate training challenges: over the past 30 days our participants have attended live classes, completed a challenge per day, and worked with the best in the business on improving their careers.

Participating this year there were more than 20 industry coaches and trainers, delivering more than 30 webinars and live sessions and exclusive video content for the participants to immerse themselves in to truly change their careers over the challenge month.

Agents at various levels of experience participated in the challenge, from novice auctioneers to experienced agents.

Challenge points were allocated along with way with a closely fought finish with Sam Bevan, who recently switched to Realmark Coastal taking out the title.

Elite Agent Editor Samantha McLean said, “In Transform 2018 we really focused on getting back to basics in real estate, focusing on the customer, but also providing cutting-edge modern thinking to marketing and problem-solving.”

“Over the last 30 days we have thrown every imaginable challenge at our Transformers – and at times some of them have had their own personal challenges.

“But many of them, particularly some of the less experienced agents, were incredibly determined!

Transform content changes every year with the trends and the market – and this year, the course covered practical tips and how-to’s on providing a higher standard of consumer experience. The course covered digital marketing including video, online listings, social platforms, six star customer service, effective time management, managing stressful situations, building a database of buyers and sellers, advanced communication and rapport building skills, working with the community, dominating in local area marketing, becoming a trusted advisor, mastering negotiation, understanding and preparing for auction, taking and learning from feedback, and building an ecosystem of partners.

Instrumental in the success of this year’s challenge was mindset and wellness coach Jet Xavier who, with his Sunday mindfulness sessions, kept our participants mentally on track throughout the 30 days and aware of why their health matters to their performance.

Congratulations to the Transform Top 20

  1. Sam Bevan, WA
  2. Adam Gulliford, NT
  3. Nicole Horner, ACT,
  4. Kaly Smith, VIC
  5. Ben Salm, QLD
  6. Matthew Kirkham, QLD
  7. Ali Suter, NSW
  8. Denise Haynes, NSW
  9. Matt Diesel, QLD
  10. Chris York, NSW
  11. Kathy Tsai, QLD
  12. Jo Mooney, VIC
  13. Eva Frketic, NSW
  14. Donna Ford, NSW
  15. Fadi Hajjar, NSW
  16. Diane Witney, NSW
  17. Adrienne Robinson, NSW
  18. Iolanda Gow, NSW
  19. Ashleigh Goodchild, WA
  20. Hassan Pharaon, NSW

Elite Agent publisher Mark Edwards said, “All of the agents, leaders and PMs worked hard on themselves and their businesses for the month and it was rewarding to see so much change in many of the participants.

“It is also interesting to note that our top two came from the most challenging markets in Australia right now, being WA and NT – proving that anything is possible.”

On completing the challenge, Sam said, “I wanted to break through this ceiling that I’ve kept bumping my head against.

“I was doing all the right things, but I needed to make myself more of a priority to be able to take the next step and give more of myself to the people I love who surround me.”

Transform 2018 is with thanks to Agent Advantage, CoreLogic and AREC 2018. For highlights visit Stay tuned for more from our Top 10 who will share what they have learned and how they have applied it to their markets.

The Top Six agents have won Platinum tickets to AREC 2018. One of the Top Six will have a 1:1 coaching session with industry great John McGrath (to be announced at AREC 2018).

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