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RWC Medical uniquely links healthcare real estate and recruitment

Franz Stapelberg is looking to revolutionise the healthcare real estate sector, setting up an end-to-end service with the creation of RWC Medical.

RWC Medical uniquely combines traditional healthcare real estate in terms of selling, buying and leasing, as well as asset development and offering healthcare providers workforce and recruitment solutions.

“We offer an end-to-end service that uniquely combines property and recruitment solutions,” Mr Stapelberg said.

“Our comprehensive, 360-degree service offering goes beyond traditional real estate services to include development and workforce solutions, thereby providing healthcare providers with a seamless and efficient experience. 

“We find solutions for medical operators not just through property, but also by ensuring they have the right talent pool in place. 

“This dual focus sets a new standard in healthcare real estate and recruitment, making us a one-stop-shop for healthcare providers looking for both property and staffing solutions.” 

Mr Stapelberg said RWC Medical had just delivered the multi-million-dollar Springwood Health Hub in Brisbane.

“I think we’re the first agency that’s ever delivered a five theatre private hospital from start to finish,” he said.

“We were part of the design phase, all the way through to delivery and putting all of the tenants into it.”

Other projects he has worked on include Mount Gravatt Medical Precinct, and the five member team is also currently working on Cleveland Health Hub with Ramsay Health Care.

“That is a three-theatre private hospital being built in Cleveland and then we’ve got one in Nundah as well,” Mr Stapelberg said.

“All of our projects are healthcare based, and we help the specialists and GPs bring together the property and we’ve also got an in-house recruiter so we have an end-to-end solution.”

Mr Stapelberg said RWC Medical serviced the entire country and was made up of a team of five, including sales and leasing specialist Chris Meyer, dedicated recruiter Jess Meyer, analyst Nick Milner, and admin assistant Tegan Lander. 

He said healthcare property was a specialised and growing field.

“You can’t just open up a hospital anywhere,” Mr Stapelberg said.

“So once we sit down with the specialists and hear their vision we can show them the overheads, the costs around it, but then also properties that are actually zoned correctly and that you can convert or build a hospital on.

“It’s not as simple as walking in and putting theatres in.”

Mr Stapelberg said RWC Medical catered to primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare providers, including specialist doctors and surgeons, as well as allied health professionals, like physiotherapists or psychologists.

“We do a lot of specialist suites, so we help specialists that are coming out of the public hospital and who are looking to get into the private sector,” he said.

“We look at where they would like to start practising to build up a patient base, and then we find them consulting suites and help them through that whole process.

“So it’s consulting suites with specialists, GP clinics, hospitals and allied health.”

In the first 12 months, Mr Stapelberg said his goal was to grow RWC Medical’s market share.

“However, we are not interested in growth for growth’s sake,” he said. 

“Our commitment is to achieve this expansion while providing an unrivalled quality service. 

“We believe our unique value proposition will make us a go-to solution for healthcare providers, and we are committed to establishing a gold-standard reputation from the outset.

“We aspire for RWC Medical to be the benchmark in healthcare real estate, known for reliability, exceptional service, and unparalleled expertise in the healthcare sector.” 

RWC General Manager James Linacre congratulated Mr Stapelberg on opening RWC Medical. 

“Franz’s exceptional knowledge and experience in the healthcare real estate sector are assets to RWC,” Mr Linacre said. 

“Franz goes above and beyond to provide an end-to-end experience for his clients. 

“I have no doubt Franz will continue to revolutionise the healthcare real estate sector, and I can think of no one better to launch RWC Medical.

“I look forward to witnessing all his success in the future.” 

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.