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Roadmap “extremely tough” on renovations: Master Builders Victoria

Master Builders Victoria has welcomed the state government’s “vote of confidence” in the building industry, suggesting the shift to ‘Restricted’ practices on September 28 will require only “minor updates on what our industry has been doing for many months and would be achievable for both workers and employers”.

A statement from MBV acknowledged “some disappointment” that the industry cannot open to full capacity right now.

“An advancement to ‘Restricted’ on the roadmap from 28 September will help many of our members increase their capacity and productivity which, in some cases, will mean reopening after this extended period of restrictions end,” said Rebecca Casson, CEO of Master Builders Victoria.

“We are very pleased to see an increase to 85 per cent of workers allowed on site for large scale construction.  We are also pleased to see an increase of movement permitted between small scale construction sites, to five sites per week.”

The new classification still falls short, however.

“For other parts of our sector, and renovations especially, this news will be extremely tough. However, we will continue to work with the government and persist in representing the needs of our whole industry.

“Our sector has remained safe since March and now we will focus on continuing our proactive COVID-19 measures in line with the government’s roadmap, with our collective objective being back to full capacity as soon as possible.”

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