Rising star Marcus Hejtmanek joins Adrian William

Company director William Pereira said Marcus Hejtmanek brings a youthful vitality that the sector needs and has a bright future ahead of him given his unwavering motivation, love of people, and desire to produce exceptional results.

The Announcement:

With six years of experience working in high-performing teams, Marcus Hejtmanek has forged a reputation of excellence across the Lilyfield-Rozelle-Leichhardt region.

Trustworthy and personable, he has worked on more than 200 successful campaigns and has established strong community relationships in his marketplace.

Marcus was being pursued by some of the Inner West’s top teams and chose to join Adrian William because he “wanted to work in an up-and-coming agency that approaches real estate in a modern and progressive way, with a personalised formula for selling”.

“I admire the supportive and high-performance culture at Adrian William and look forward to growing with the brand as it expands into new markets,” he said.

As one of the fastest growing agencies in the region, Adrian William is always looking for young-gun agents that share the same community values and passion for industry innovation as them.

With the Inner West at the heart of the business, Marcus’ area expertise and background in economics made him a natural fit for the young office, which has established itself as a leader in the residential real estate scene after just two-and-a-half years in business.

Company Director William Pereira said, “Marcus brings a youthful energy that the industry needs. Paired with unwavering motivation, a passion for people and the desire to deliver excellent results, there’s no doubt he has a bright future ahead.”

Co-Director Adrian Tsavalas also commented, “When you find a young agent with the tenacity and go-get attitude that Marcus has, you know they’re going to do big things”.

We’re excited to provide a supportive environment where he can hone his skills and continue to grow professionally, while delivering top-tier service to buyers and sellers in the Inner West.”

Source: Adrian William Real Estate

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