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Richardson & Wrench launch next generation brand renewal

Richardson & Wrench has taken its 160th birthday as the cue introducing a more sophisticated, refined brand that will appeal to a broader market than ever before.

Group Development Manager Amanda Ward says the brand project reflects a fundamental difference between R&W and other franchise groups – it encourages and supports principals who wish to personalise their business while remaining consistent with brand guidelines.

“One of my key objectives in maintaining a relevant and successful franchise from a brand perspective is to offer enough depth and variation to our suite of marketing templates that our people can tailor their profile within a particular marketplace, to not only suit their clients’ needs, but to remain competitive and cutting edge,” says Ms Ward.

“Defined choice means that they can remain consistent with the overall brand but they are not hamstrung by having to use a rigid set of templates.

“Our goal as the franchisor is to keep our principals and agents happy. We’re able to use our size advantage to provide the flexibility that allows out principals to decide what will work best in their own market.

That sense of ownership is reflected in the new positioning message. Proudly. It’s a single word that sums up the culture of the R&W brand and has its origins in the grass roots of the network, not as a marketer’s construct.

Says Ms Ward: “It’s an incredibly strong statement that sums up the emotion felt by our franchisees about being part of the extended R&W family. It resonates across every level of the business – with customers, agents and principals and as a positioning statement for recruitment and retention. We are proud to be a part of this great brand. We are proud of our reputation and proud of our service.

While 160 years of history is a valuable legacy it was equally important to present a future focused identity.

“R&W has historically been perceived as a traditional franchise brand,” says Ms Ward. “This latest brand project is an exciting part of our evolution that demonstrates that our focus is very much on tomorrow. This is change for growth, not just for the sake of change.

“I want our customers, business prospects and new recruits to stand up and take notice of R&W and see it as the forward thinking and innovative brand that it is today.

“We’re driving the brand forward into tomorrow and future proofing it for real estate’s next generation.”

The brand project was presented to NSW principals and agents on Friday with Queensland offices to follow ahead of a go-live date of April 23.

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