Rex Software and CRM2Print announce integration

Rex Software has announced a new integration with CRM2Print, giving users the ability to automate all of their direct mail needs.

Rex Software says that for over 6,000 agents across 1,000 agencies using the platform, the mundane task of printing, folding, stuffing and posting direct mail is now a thing of the past. In three simple steps, users can send one, fifty or a thousand letters – direct from within Rex.

“We’ve always recognised that every agency operates differently – and that no matter how hard we try, we can only streamline so many parts of our users’ lives ourselves,” CTO Alex Babkov explains.

“As an open CRM Platform, Rex Software is willing to integrate with 3rd party platforms, like CRM2Print, which provide added value products and services for our customers.”

“We’ve found that many of our customers still get great results from direct mail campaigns. CRM2Print allows Rex users to automate the traditionally time-intensive and laborious processes involved in sending these campaigns, meaning they no longer have to waste time and money on this essential process.”

CRM2Print provides a platform for agents to transact their direct mail efficiently, regardless of letter volume.

The integration allows users to upload letter templates and external .csv files, and merge with their contact data in Rex. Once uploaded, the entire process is taken care of – from address validation, printing and posting to managing undeliverable returns.

Photo: Alex Babkov, REX CTO

CRM2Print Co-founder Carl Quested says, “Having run a mail house for almost six years, it has always been apparent that there needed to be an easier way for agents to transact their direct mail. Sending one letter was inherently hard to deal with from an outsource perspective, as there were no efficiency gains. Our aim is to have users sending one letter or thousands, without ever thinking about printing them in-house.”

Rex Software also integrates with over a dozen tools agencies use daily (such as Xero, Core Logic, PriceFinder, REI Forms and others) to streamline the way agents work even further and will be announcing more partnerships in the coming months.

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