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Rex saves agents time with all the best insights from AREC

Are you still buzzing from the AREC conference on the Gold Coast? And are you still trying to remember that wonderful piece of advice you forgot to write down?

We have all been there because there is so much information to absorb at a major industry event like AREC.

That’s where real estate technology company Rex comes to the rescue with its handy online guide to all the highlights from the conference, including keynote speakers and tips from real estate peers.

The guide is just as useful for those who did not attend, with scores of ideas you can incorporate into your business, systems and processes straight away.

The valuable resource also supports the core Rex goal, to automate simple tasks so agents can spend the time they save seeking out new opportunities and building relationships.

This year’s conference on the Gold Coast heard keynote presentations from headline speakers including Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey, marketing guru Seth Godin and one of the most in-demand motivational speakers in the world, Mel Robbins.

Other speakers included industry innovator Fiona Blayney, habits-for-change expert Dr Gina Cleo and CoreLogic data specialist Dirk Miller.

“These 20 pages of notes are designed to be concise thought-starters,” Rex Head of Brand and Marketing Tracey Jones said.

“They are an easy reference point so you don’t come back into the office saying, ‘I heard this really great thing, now what was it?’”

The AREC 2022 field notes cover all the highlights from the conference in an easy-to-digest form. They are available in the ‘Resources’ section of the Rex website, along with guides, case studies and e-books to improve efficiency in your business.

“Eight years ago I was at a conference writing notes and the person next to me said, ‘I like those, can I take a picture?’,” Ms Jones said. 

“So it all started with notes in pen on paper posted on social media. Now with the Rex team we can package these key take-aways for people to download.”

Fiona Blayney’s address was especially powerful, Ms Jones said.

“She made a great analogy with coffee that everyone could relate to,” she said.

“Don’t try to be the coffee destination for everyone.

“She said to think about the coffee haunts that present a tiny biscuit with your coffee. It has taken someone time to bake, store and now deliver the biscuit. It’s excellent but only if the coffee they just made for you is perfect to you.

“Create the experience that is the best fit for the customers you want. The take-away is, don’t spend time worrying about the biscuit if the customer does not love your coffee.”

Vinh Giang used his talents as a magician to deliver the kind of lessons about problem-solving that can be life-changing.

“He showed how perception can play tricks on us,” Ms Jones said.

“He was hilarious but there were valuable insights too. You think you understand a situation but you are seeing it through your eyes.

“Collaborating in a team means everyone brings their different perception of what’s going on and that can be really powerful.”

But Australia’s real estate professionals at the conference also took plenty of inspiration from their peers.

“The keynotes are delivered by professional speakers who are great at what they do but there were so many good moments from estate agents and property managers telling their stories,” Ms Jones said.

The field notes include all of the major speakers and provide you with a targeted summary along with actionable takeaways.

Read the field notes here.

Top tips from the top speakers

  • “Be actively involved in a community for only one reason, because you love it. Find your community, genuinely care and be active.” Jessica Melling, LJ Hooker Property Hub.
  • “Real estate is a marathon not a sprint. Treat every buyer as a coming-soon seller and provide the resources that help this journey.” Cathy Cattell, PRD Nationwide.
  • “Change your thinking from onboarding to take-over and you will get a better sense of the anxiety at the user’s end.” Mina Radhakrishnan, co-founder of :Different.
  • “Fall in love with the process, not the reward.” Mario Sanfrancesco, Blackshaw Real Estate.

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