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Rent.com.au’s new service Renter Resume a big hit among users

Since its launch 100 days ago, Rent.com.au Renter Resume has had more than 50,000 Australians signing up to use its service.

Launched last October, the service allows users to create a rental profile, which then allows for the automatic generation of property enquiries and applications.

Prospective renters can apply for a property while they are inspecting it with the click of a button.

Rent chief Greg Bader said the strong adoption of Renter Resume reflected that the group was addressing a real gap in the market.

“Our Renter Resume is a unique product that helps both the renter and the property manager.

“Its objective is to make the process of renting less intimidating, less complicated and less stressful for all parties within the renting sector.

“Obvious benefits are the automated enquiry and application processes but it is much more than that, it allows renters to better present themselves, including references such as pets.

“It really gives them a head start in what is often a competitive process. Feedback we are getting is great, we are making a positive difference to people and to be honest, that is what is driving us,” he said.

Bader said while there is a lot of debate focusing on housing affordability there is no doubt in some areas house prices are a real driver, it was seeing more and more people renting as a logical and deliberate choice for many different reasons.

“This is only the start, our Resume will build over time and our objective is to quickly get to a point where quality renters can be rewarded for their good standing – all landlords want to a great tenant and we can show that. This will lead to personalisation in the process, for example – if we have a great tenant and a great landlord – what’s the point of regular inspections,” he said.


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June Ramli

June Ramli was a in-house journalist for Elite Agent Magazine.