Rent Roll is ‘Untapped’ asset for agents

@realty says rent roll ownership is now one of the leading reasons agents are signing up to the national real estate network, which boasts more than 500 agents.

@realty director JJ Taylor says rent rolls are an untapped asset for agents operating under a franchise model, which retains ownership if the agent leaves the company or transfers elsewhere.

“Our agents have complete ownership of their rent rolls – they can hold on to them if they leave or can sell all or part of their list at any time to generate additional income as required,” he said.

“It’s attractive to agents because it can supplement their sales activity. @realty offers up to 93 per cent of full commission, so it’s really about maximising income from all streams.”

Perth-based @realty agent Phil Taylor says some agents incorrectly assume that owning and managing a rent roll is costly and time-consuming.

“Under the @realty model, which allows agents to work independently with the support of a national business, I pay $275 per month for full-time administrative support,” he said.

“This includes @realty looking after all payments to landlords and handling any maintenance requests. I just look after inspections and communication with both tenants and the owner.

“Without the support of @realty I would probably have to employ a property manager, which could cost upwards of $70,000, as the administrative side of rent roll management is what takes the most time.

“Any jobs that I am unable to manage myself I can either rely on @realty or outsource.

“The best part is that I am building an asset for myself. I recently sold a few of my properties to another agent to boost my cash flow, and of course I can choose to buy new rentals from @realty at the right time.”

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