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Rent.com.au’s property listings now showcasing NBN status

Australia’s specialist website for rental property, Rent.com.au has started showing NBN status for its listings.

Rent’s chief executive Greg Bader said that including the current NBN status for each property listing was in response to demand from renters.

“Our customers have been asking for this. While NBN information is already available via the NBN website, it is a cumbersome process, and no one has the time to check each property individually. What we have done is taken public information and then presented it in a format that is easier to digest for our customers.”

Rent presents the data in two levels of detail, when a renter searches for property in their chosen suburb they can see the basic NBN information on the summary of each property, displayed as one of three possibilities which is NBN is available, NBN is scheduled, or the NBN status is unknown.

The second level of detail is displayed when the customer clicks on a property listing. On this page, more information is shown such as the large technology type whether it is a fixed line, wireless, satellite or if NBN is not available at that property yet, when it is scheduled.

“We always try to provide as much information as we can, including the possible “states” of the availability and technology such as per the legend showed below,” Bader said.

Greg Bader

“When you look at the data in aggregate, we see that around a third of our properties have NBN available right now, and we will finish 2017 with about half, this aligns with NBN’s releases, although we would have more of a skew to major population centres”.

“We can also see the impact of the ‘multi-technology’ strategy for fixed line services not surprisingly it varies between the states. I have not followed NBN too closely for a while, but I was a little surprised in that the FTTP penetration was lower than I expected.

“This is another great initiative currently some agents and landlords show NBN information, but there was a lack of consistency across the industry and hence our listings. This solves that problem and makes things easier for renters, agents and landlords,” he said.


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June Ramli

June Ramli was a in-house journalist for Elite Agent Magazine.