Industry NewsNationalReal Estate Industry News & Novatti partner to develop RentPay has partnered with global software group Novatti to deliver RentPay.

According to an ASX announcement, the agreements comprise a Subscription Agreement and a Software as a Service agreement.

The partnership is slated to deliver:

  • a 36-month SaaS Agreement with Novatti to build and operate payments backend.
  • Novatti’s payments scale and potential banking capability allow for compelling customer offer.
  • Key features/functionality agreed and documented in Statement of Work.
  • Equity stake in RentPay aligns Novatti and interests. Agreements cement RentPay’s pre-launch valuation of $10 million.

“Novatti have been very easy to work with thus far and we’ve been impressed by the breadth of experience and the enthusiasm they bring to the new RentPay,” CEO, Greg Bader said.

“This is just the type of partnership that we need to develop RentPay into a key product in the rental market in Australia.” . will continue to majority own and operate RentPay, focussing on’s key strengths of user experience, renter engagement and marketing while the technical and compliance aspects will be provided to RentPay by Novatti via the SaaS Agreement.

“As we’ve worked with Novatti to formalise the agreements and drill down to the next level of detail on our plans for RentPay over the past month, it’s become ever clearer that we’ve selected the right partner and, with Novatti having an equity interest in RentPay, both parties will benefit from the alignment that level of partnership brings,” Mr Bader explained.

“Novatti brings a level of knowledge and scale that we lack, and with the potential for them to be granted a banking licence in the near future, the partnership introduces a further range of product possibilities that can be introduced once we’ve relaunched RentPay later in FY2020”.

Novatti CEO Peter Cook said the company was enjoying working with the the team at and was impressed with the passion and knowledge they bring to RentPay.

“Partnering with to redevelop RentPay is a great example of providing products that allow customers to thrive in today’s increasingly cashless economy, while also providing Novatti with exposure to the enormous rental payments market,” he noted.

Mr Bader explained had consistently indicated it wanted to seize the massive opportunity that the tenancy period presents.

“…it is exhilarating to see our ambition starting to become a reality and we look forward to continuing our rapid progress towards relaunching RentPay,” he said.

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