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Remain vigilant: REIA’s message to the industry

As state borders reopen, and restrictions are wound back, Real Estate Industry of Australia president Adrian Kelly has congratulated diligent agents, while stressing the need to continue COVID-safe workplace practices.

“We are a fortunate and proud industry in which there has not been a single recorded transmission of the virus due to real estate activity,” Mr Kelly said.

“Let’s keep it that way.

“Let’s keep up with the social distancing, management of open homes, use of hand sanitiser, no shaking hands, etc., and making sure our COVID safe workplace plans are up to date and being reinforced.

“The state real estate institutes have all developed quality materials around safe workplace practices, which can still be accessed.

“With a number of state borders reopening over the coming weeks this will mean more freedom of movement around the country, particularly in regional locations which are already experiencing higher buyer interest and demand from those wishing for a change of lifestyle.

“These areas are likely to see a sizable influx of potential purchasers.

“Our continued uptake of technology is now the new normal.

“Compared to events in other countries at this time, we are certainly fortunate to be a part of the Australian real estate industry,” Mr Kelly concluded.

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