@realty launches training academy for group members

@realty has launched a training academy for its 400 agents around Australia to upskill and expand learning for members.

The Queensland-based group, under the leadership of JJ (James) Taylor, is teaming up with industry-leading trainers to provide training for innovative products and upskilling in particular areas.

Mr Taylor said education is key to being an agent who can adapt to disruption.

“The whole idea behind educating our agents is that we want to reinvest back into our agents. We want to make the academy as valuable as possible for our agents and ensure they get a variety of resources and services.”

@realty launched three years ago and has grown to a membership of 400 agents across five states. Mr Taylor says the ethos behind the business is that agents receive the majority of the commission of what they sell, which is about 93 per cent.

With vendors and customers now jumping online and educating themselves, as well as middlemen companies that cut out agents altogether, agents need to bring quality customer service to every transaction – and that comes with continued education, Mr Taylor believes.

“Especially in today’s day and age in real estate, it’s moving so fast. There’s all this different and new technology coming in, and even consumers are educating themselves on it and if agents don’t do that themselves, they will get left behind.

“It’s important for agents to be upskilling so when they are sitting in front of clients, they are educated and they are true professional agents.”

The @realty Academy launched last week with the first trainer, an accredited Facebook advertiser and trainer with a wealth of experience in helping real estate agents maximise their returns using Facebook.

Mr Taylor, who has a background in property development and project management, is encouraging industry leaders to get involved in the program by becoming a trainer and passing on their skills and expertise to agents.

“We do want to get other trainers involved, where they can provide live webinars and courses themselves that they can put on for agents.”

If you are interested in becoming a trainer, contact JJ Taylor at

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Azal Khan

Azal Khan was a in-house features writer for Elite Agent Magazine.