INDUSTRY NEWSNationalReal Estate News launches ‘Pet Profiles’ for tenants and property managers has launched ‘Pet Profiles’ on 1form – a feature that allows tenants to present their pet in the best light and saves property managers time when reviewing rental applications.

Tenants, property managers and landlords were surveyed as part of a national study on pet ownership to help inform ways can make the rental process easier.

The study found 48 per cent of property managers are spending considerable time researching animal breeds, temperament and personality when reviewing applications. However, it also revealed a large number of tenants are not being completely honest about owning a pet when applying for a rental property.

In an effort to help make the rental market more transparent, worked closely with customers to create the Pet Profile feature, allowing tenants to include a bio and picture of their pet when applying for a property. Executive Manager – Rent, Kul Singh, commented: “We wanted to know what parts of the rental process were most difficult for tenants, property managers and landlords. The findings of the research have helped us create a way to make applying for a rental property, and finding the right tenants, easier and hopefully more transparent.

“Since launching Pet Profiles, we’ve already seen more than 57,500 people add their pet to their 1form application, and we’ve had a really positive response from property managers and landlords,” Mr Singh said.

The Pet Ownership study revealed:

  • Half of Aussies renting with pets have struggled to find a rental property.
  • 94 per cent of people believe landlords favour people without pets when choosing tenants.
  • 93 per cent of property managers believe landlords fear pets will damage their property.
  • 72 per cent of Australians admit that most of the wear and tear in their home is caused by humans.
  • One in four people have lied about owning a pet when applying for a rental property.
  • 27 per cent of people have hidden a pet during a rental inspection.
  • 48 per cent of property managers are spending time online researching animal breeds,temperament and personality when reviewing applications.

Pet Profiles is now available on 1Form – a tool that allows people to apply for multiple properties with the one application form. To create a pet profile when applying for your next home, visit

Other recent changes to 1Form include:

  • A new bio and picture section for tenants and their pets
  • The option for tenants to state why they’re suited to the property.

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