NationalNEWSSUPPLIER NEWS aims to simplify tenant selection with new verification tool recently launched Tenant Verification that aims to simplify the tenant selection process.

Available through the 1form platform, Tenant Verification is a service aimed at helping prospective tenants submit a more complete application by verifying identity documents and rental history.

How it works
For a fee of $29 (payable by the tenant) the report details the results of an identity check through several national databases. The tenant can then attach this report to all their future rental applications for a period of six months.

Property managers are able to clearly see which 1form applicants are verified, greatly reducing the time it takes to find a suitable applicant.

What is checked?

1. Proof of ID Document (Australian driver’s licence or Australian passport):
The ID document provided is checked through the Australian Government Document Verification Service to confirm that it is valid and hasn’t been reported lost or stolen

2. Equifax’s National Tenancy Database:
An applicant’s name is checked to confirm that they don’t appear on Equifax’s National Tenancy Database

3. National Court Databases
The applicant’s name is run against National Court Databases for any criminal convictions by checking publicly available records for the tenant’s name.

Since launching in late December 2018, the service has been purchased by more than 11,000 renters.

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