Google Duo: Another easy step in virtual property viewing?

When you can’t show a potential buyer or tenant a property, a video call can be the only other alternative. And with the recent release of Duo – Google’s new 1-to-1 video calling app for Android and iOS – the company is promising the experience will soon be a whole lot smoother and easier.

Like Apple’s “Facetime” the Duo app has a very simple interface, doesn’t insist you create a new account to use the service, and takes the pain out of making video calls to your friends in one tap, says the company.

The biggest bonus for anyone on the road is that Google has built Duo to be fast and reliable under any bandwidth, so video calls should connect quickly and work just as well on slower networks as fast ones – making this real estate technology ideal for areas with limited coverage.

Duo also shifts between Wi-Fi and mobile data automatically without call drop-outs.

Another innovative feature of this new app is what Google has called ‘Knock Knock’ which allows call recipients to see live video of their caller before they answer, providing a snapshot of what they are doing and why they want to chat.

The app is being rolled out worldwide on both Android and iOS this week.

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