Real estate platform launches, offers real-time global transactions

Australian-based start-up launches across Australia and South East Asia to increase the saleability of property in a declining market, giving control and confidence back to agents

Twillis, a global online real estate platform, has launched out of Australia.

The platform aims to bring agents together and create the ability for transactions to occur in real-time with transparency across Australia and South East Asia.

Since joining the market in February 2018, Twillis has built a database of 20,000 licensed agents, and has a 10 per cent market share on off-plan property sales in Australia.

Twillis has achieved a month-on-month growth of 40 per cent in resources since February 2018, with an international team based in Sydney.

Twillis’s platform is campaign-based and charges zero per cent on commissions. The platform uses a multichannel strategy to deploy visible commissions for agents and aims to allow agents to sell any type of property, anywhere in the world.

Twillis plans to reduce the need to contact agents individually regarding certain properties, as listings of projects are accessible in real-time, and with full transparency of a peer-reviewed network.

Matthew McGrath, Senior Business Solutions Manager at Twillis, believes the company is unique in the marketplace.

“Twillis breaks down boundaries and allows agents to sell any type of property, anywhere. It gives confidence and control back to agents to sell faster, no matter the market conditions,” says Mr. McGrath.

“Confidence and control shouldn’t ever be dictated by economic conditions. Twillis provides real estate agents the tools they need to increase their commission and generate market leads – from networking, to marketing resources, transparent commission fees and limitless opportunities for growth across regions.

“We’re seeing transactions occur between agents who have never previously met each other before – this is what it’s all about – allowing the industry to connect in the ever-changing digital landscape,” Mr McGrath said.

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