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Cody Live expanding digital signboard solution

Cody Live is an outdoor advertising solution that is the first of its kind, creating dynamic signboards for real estate agencies. And this week they were launched in Brisbane with Melbourne, Canberra and Auckland in the coming weeks.

The aim of Cody Live is to give vendors and agents more choice and better control of how their properties are represented in the marketplace. It provides freestanding and wall mounted units that showcase an unlimited amount of interactive content, including high-resolution images, floor plans and videos. The design of the storyboards is sleek and slimline, which means they can be mounted onto any surface, from hills to brick walls.

Cody Live has already proven to be a great success in Sydney and Newcastle, with around 80% of leading real estate agency groups putting the live storyboards on regular rotation.

The company will be launching in Melbourne, Canberra and Auckland in coming weeks.

CEO and Executive Director Pierce Cody says Cody Live embodies the natural evolution from print to digital in the marketing world.

“We’re delighted to announce the opening of Brisbane and our ANZ roll out following our outstanding success in the New South Wales market. The rapid growth that we’re experiencing is proof that Aussies recognise the way forward in selling property.  Interactive real estate marketing is here,” he says.

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