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Real estate leaders face their fears for a cause

Real estate’s most daring business leaders are answering the call to be brave, taming their terror and facing their fears in the name of a good cause.

On Friday, September 6, six of the industry’s bravest will join more than 90 CEOs and business leaders taking part in the fundraising initiative that is CEO Dare to Cure.

Now in its second year, Dare to Cure sees CEO’s challenged to face their fears, with all proceeds going to the Children’s Cancer Institute. This year’s fundraising target is the $500,000 mark, and leaders will be going to great lengths to meet that milestone.

Major dares that CEOs are meeting head-on include taking a bath with snakes, walking on fire and glass, and tackling the flying trapeze.

The line-up of CEOs and bosses from the real estate industry include:

· James Hayashi, McGrath’s regional Sales Leader – Getting a tattoo live in public

· Monika Tu, CEO of Black Diamondz Property Concierge – Walking on fire and glass

· Andrew Lutze, Director of Cunninghams – Taking on the flying trapeze

· Joseph Chou, CEO of Ironfish – Walking on fire and glass

· Colin Lee, Head of Strategic Property Services at Ironfish – Athlete’s ice bath

· Megan Wise – Sales Operations Manager at McGrath – Snake bath

The Children’s Cancer Institute is the only independent medical research institute in Australia who is solely dedicated to childhood cancer.

They note that 60 years ago, cancer was nearly always a death sentence for a child – now, thanks to advances in medical research, eight out of 10 children survive. Yet, despite that progress, cancer still kills more children than any other disease.

“When it comes to curing childhood cancer – it’s not if, it’s when,” they reflect.

Dare to Cure will take place at Fleet Steps of the Sydney Botanical Gardens from 6.30am to 9.30am on September 6, and you can pledge your support for real estate leaders answering the call at www.ceodaretocure.org.au

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