Real estate is one of the top digital search trends in Australia

Real estate has become the third most widely searched topic across Australia, according to newly released Nielsen data.

Given the current property market boom, it’s little surprise digital searches for real estate surged to record levels in July.

Nielsen’s Digital Landscape Report for July 2021 found real estate content had an audience of 14.9 million adult Australians, spending on average 52 minutes per person, making it the third most digitally searched topic.

In first place was general news content, with 18 million adults searching for news updates, and each spending on average three hours and three minutes.

Sports came second with an audience of 15.2 million searching related content, and spending on average one hour and 36 minutes per person.

Home and garden was the fourth highest search trend overall, attracting 12.2 million, with each person spending around 21 minutes searching.

Lifestyle came in fifth, with 12.3 million, each spending an average of 13 minutes per person.

The data also showed 93 per cent of Australians can now be found online, 79 per cent of those on a computer and 88 per cent on a mobile device. There were 18.6 million Australians online throughout July.

We spend a total of 92 hours per person consuming content online, with 32 hours per person on computer and 69 hours per person on a mobile device.

People aged between 25 to 44 spent around 100 hours online on both computer and mobile.

Google maintained its status as the juggernaut of search engines, with its unique audience for the month of July at 18.39 million. This was inclusive of all Google-owned channels, such as YouTube or gmail.

Facebook followed closely behind with a unique audience of 17.67 million people. News Corp Australia’s platforms had a combined reach of 17.23 million.

Microsoft followed with 16.77 million, while the Australian Federal Government’s websites were ranked fifth overall for parent organisations at 15.83 million.

Nine Entertainment, eBay, the ABC, Woolworths and Amazon also made it into the top 10 parent organisations.

In terms of brands that adult Australians are browsing, Google (18 million) and Facebook (17 million) came first and second respectively, while MSN/Outlook/Skype (14 million) came in third.

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Jessamy Tredinnick

Jessamy Tredinnick was the news journalist for Elite Agent Magazine from June 2021 - October 2021. For current stories, news alerts or pitches, please email