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Real Estate Fan – Lachlan Shields

At what age did you develop a passion for property? Eighteen? Twenty-eight? Chances are it wasn’t as early as Lachlan Shields, who at 14 is arguably the industry’s youngest supporter. Gaining a large following on Instagram to share his love of property, he has also managed to rub shoulders with some real estate royalty along the way.

How old were you when you first knew you wanted to be a real estate agent? Are there any real estate agents in the family?
I was about six when I first got into real estate. None of my family are directly linked to real estate but they had involvement through property investing.

What attracts you to being in the real estate profession?
Probably helping people find their dream home. I’m also told I’m a very big people person.

Sales or property management? Any plans to become an auctioneer?
Probably sales would be the best for me; I wouldn’t mind going into property management as well. I do have plans to become an auctioneer; I have assisted with auctions in the past.

Which real estate agents do you look up to, and why?
I look up to all good agents pretty much; agents who can score a lot of sales and have good relationships with their community. I don’t really have a particular hero or role model.

You have quite an extensive collection of signs – what’s in there and how big is it? Is there anything missing that you would really like to have?
I do have a huge collection (I have a shed for it all). Most of my signs were gifts and I’ve bought a couple of things; I have a lot of some brands, but none of others. Anything to add to the collection is good. Some pull-up banners and endurosigns would be nice to have.

If you could have any real estate mentor or coach (once you are old enough) who would that be?
Don’t make me choose one! Each coach or mentor is different; they each have their own specialities. Probably some high up mentors like Josh Phegan, Tom Panos, John McGrath would be best for me.

Favourite accounts that you follow on Instagram?
Each account is different and good in their own way, so I can’t really pick a favourite.

What is the most impressive open home/auction that you’ve been to?
Probably the recent auction event hosted by the Ray White Surfers Paradise Group.

What do you think is in store for the real estate industry in Australia in the future?
Look, I see that the real estate industry is going to become a lot more technology based, which I’m already witnessing now. One problem is I see that agents pretty much market the same as their competitors; I am hoping that changes within the next few years.

What are you most looking forward to about AREC 2016?
Probably listening to speakers and checking out exhibitors; @Realestatefan on Instagram is also going to keep me busy!

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