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Prioritising People: Laing+Simmons Launches Employee Assistance Program

New South Wales real estate franchise network Laing + Simmons has launched a new employee assistance program to support team members experiencing stress, depression, anxiety or facing other challenges.  Employees from their 40+ offices in NSW can now access anonymous and free counselling services to help them deal with any issues they might be facing.

The service is run by Employee Assistance Services Australia (EASA), with employee privacy protection systems in place, and has become another point of difference for the boutique real estate network which continues to carve out a reputation for doing things differently.

EASA tailors employee assistance services to meet the demands of companies and employees. Its proactive and preventive model deals with issues in their early stages to increase production and performance, and reduce costs associated with absenteeism, sickness, stress, lost-time injuries, communication and conflict issues in the workplace.

“Real estate is a rewarding but demanding industry. It can be stressful, and we recognise that everyone is different, so making this confidential service available to anyone who might need support is an important investment in our people, and this program is a natural extension of this approach” Laing + Simmons Managing Director Leanne Pilkington says.

Ms Pilkington recognised the demand for a tailored employee assistance program from the Principals of the Laing + Simmons network, so they could ensure the health and wellbeing of their staff.

She says that making services such as these available recognises the many varied issues people from all walks of life have to deal with, and is their way of caring for their team members like family.

EASA Regional Manager and Counsellor Gina Mammone, says “Personal issues don’t just go away when you arrive at the office, nor do work issues stop after business hours. Through effective counselling at the outset, the program helps to reduce stress for people, leading to improvements in health and wellbeing and, ultimately, increased productivity”

Laing + Simmons, who launched their employee assistance program a few weeks ago, are the only real estate network to have introduced this initiative at a corporate level to date, and the EASA have commended Laing + Simmons for taking the initiative in support of its people.

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