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Ready. Set. Connect – PropertyTree with Movinghub

The team at Rockend are on a mission to help their customers grow their property management businesses – and with the release of PropertyTree’s new utilities integration, they’re paving the way for property managers to do just that.

Customer research carried out by Rockend revealed that agency owners are keenly focused on finding new ways to grow their business,” Product Owner of the utilities integration, Riasat Azim, says.

“Yes, they want to grow their business in monetary terms – but it’s more than that. They also want to differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing an exceptional level of service and adding value to their interactions with their clients. But how can they do this without it being a drain on resources or an additional cost to the business?”

PropertyTree’s utilities integration with Movinghub is an exciting new way for property managers to add value to the service they offer tenants.

“Moving is a stressful time for tenants. After weeks searching for a new property, they then spend hours upon hours packing, moving and then unpacking. Having to organise all their connections on top of this can be a real headache,” Azim says.

“Once upon a time, it was simply a case of sorting out your telephone, water and electricity. But now there’s also pay TV, internet and more to deal with. And that’s to say nothing of the fact that the number of suppliers for each of these has ballooned. It’s time-consuming and many tenants find it difficult to even know where to start.”

PropertyTree’s integration with Movinghub takes both the stress and guesswork out of moving for tenants by brokering the best deals and ensuring everything is connected by the time they move in.

The best part is that the integration enables property managers to provide a next level of service to their clients, add value to the relationship and differentiate themselves from their competitors

Azim says. “And in doing so, they’re growing their business.”

The good news is that access to the utilities integration comes at absolutely no cost to PropertyTree users. In fact, agencies using the integration benefit from the additional revenue stream it provides.


Movinghub shares the same values as Rockend and they’re committed to providing an outstanding service to property managers and their tenants

Azim says. “They’re technologically advanced, with a robust end-to-end solution that allowed us to seamlessly integrate with them and create a positive user experience for our customers.”

Azim also points to the comprehensive range of utilities providers that Movinghub is able to connect tenants with. Far from offering a limited range of options with preferred suppliers, Movinghub is committed to providing tenants with choice. They also understand how important the service experience is.

“If, for whatever reason, a particular provider isn’t meeting expected service standards – for example, by consistently not having connections in place by the time tenants move in – they can be removed as an option.

“This points to Movinghub’s commitment to ensuring property managers are able to provide the best level of service to their clients.

“Movinghub is undoubtedly ‘best in class’ when it comes to utilities connections.”


For every task you do each day in your property management business, you can find a piece of technology that will make the ‘doing’ easier. But, because technology innovation is moving ahead at a mind-boggling rate, it’s impossible for a single supplier to provide an end-to-end solution for every need their customers have.

That’s why integration is so critical.

“We understand that our customers use a wide range of systems and service providers in their business every day,” Azim says. “PropertyTree is the platform that allows for the seamless integration of those systems to streamline processes, increase efficiency and save time.

“PropertyTree has been developed with a philosophy of integration at its core and our customers are the beneficiaries of the unlimited potential this offers. We’re building the PropertyTree ecosystem to deliver features and functionality that make the lives of our customers easier, add value to their service offering and help grow their business.

“Utilities integration was our next step in doing this.”

PropertyTree’s integration with Movinghub is now live and activating this new functionality couldn’t be easier.

“The set-up process is easy,” Azim explains. “It only takes a couple of minutes and, best of all, you don’t need to log in to a different system or remember a new username and password. Everything you need to leverage the Movinghub integration is within PropertyTree, providing you with a seamless and easy experience.”


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