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RE/MAX New Zealand sets out to differentiate

RE/MAX New Zealand brought members, business partners and invited guests together in Auckland on 1 August for a successful network event based around the theme of ‘thinking bigger’ through differentiation.

The program for the rally, which included the announcement of six-month achievements, featured great speakers from within the RE/MAX ranks along with expert guests.

Two offices dominated the awards for January to June 2019 performances.
RE/MAX Go For Sold, Palmerston North, picked up three accolades in the number of transaction stakes with Top Office; Top Team in Team Lewis (Carol, Mike and Deb Lewis, Pauline, O’Donoghue, and Gems Mason), and Top Sales Associate in Jeremy Crosland. 

Mr Crosland won number one agent outright by also taking Top Sales Associate for gross commission.

RE/MAX Revolution ranked number one for generated commission in the first six months of 2019, with the office also producing the team ranked number one for commission, the Don Ha Projects Sales team (Don Ha, Milan Maharaj, Steve Starke and Hemant Parikh).

With RE/MAX Auction Services’ Dene Tucker doing a sterling job as MC, RE/MAX New Zealand Managing Director Michael Davoren introduced the Rally theme, talking about opportunities and points of difference.

“Opportunities taken are the start of differentiation; missed opportunities are the start of nothing,” he said.

“Working on the relationship side of business is what will make you successful”, he told the audience, “that and selectively using technology that creates better value and better service for real estate customers.”

Dene Tucker’s presentation continued with the differentiation theme, bringing a warning about distractions.

“Successful people are obsessed with what they want and do whatever it takes to achieve it,” he said. 

“Most people say they want things but because they’re not obsessed, they let life’s distractions get in the way. Those who are the best don’t live their lives with distraction. They live their lives with focus and obsession. They eliminate the distractions.”

An enlightening and stimulating ‘Handling Objection’ panel facilitated by RE/MAX Director, Joel Davoren, involved two successful and respected agents, Pip Foote from RE/MAX Realty Group in Warkworth, and Darren Young from RE/MAX One, Tauranga; along with Cameron Hems, RE/MAX New Zealand Business Growth Manager.

The panelists shared their own experiences before all three did a fine job of responding to audience questions.

As well as leading RE/MAX Revolution, Don Ha is recognised as someone who has successfully mastered the art of business and property investing. He is considered an expert in his field, a true professional with an astute mind, and a brilliant sales trainer, mentor, author and speaker. 

His rags-to-riches story is a motivator for countless New Zealanders and his message is simple – ‘If I can do it, anyone can!’. 

Joining him on stage at the RE/MAX New Zealand Rally was sportsman, entertainer and motivator, Phil Kingsley-Jones, head of one of New Zealand’s most successful sports management and marketing companies.

Originally from Wales, he is an astute businessman with an international reputation as an after-dinner speaker and a stand-up comedian.

The two took a lively look at the Rally theme: ‘Differentiate to dominate’.

Final keynote speaker was Robin Banks, one of the world’s leading authorities on Mind Power and Personal Mastery. The highly sought-after international speaker is the only person personally trained and mentored by John Kehoe to run his renowned Mind Power Program.

RE/MAX New Zealand Managing Director, Michael Davoren, said events such as the rally were exceptional, not only because of the content and experience imparted by great speakers, but because they represented the close-knit RE/MAX network.

He said real estate markets had experienced considerable impacts through the first half of 2019, and the strength of the RE/MAX network globally was evident in the way it had supported its New Zealand members.

“We’ve not just had change but rapid change, moving through investment regulations, for example, as well as what’s been happening in the fallout of devastating occurrences.

“Good agents need to be able to talk to real estate customers knowledgeably about such matters, and that’s one of the important ways they add value to their relationship with the sellers and buyers,” he said.

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