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RE/MAX Australia promotes growth specialist from within

RE/MAX Australia announced the appointment of Dene Tucker to the role of Business Growth Consultant this month.

This is an expansion of Mr Tucker’s training role with the network, to take advantage of his vast experience within the company and the industry including franchising, franchise ownership, auctioneering, sales and training.

“Growth is a fundamentally important part of business,” said Mr Tucker. “When the network grows, the business of every franchise and every agent grows. Growth helps all.”

In addition to his training and professional development function, Mr Tucker will have a focus on recruiting agents, new business and working on an on-going basis with new and existing business owners anywhere north of Brisbane and throughout Queensland.

The past 12 months have included more than 12 Brisbane training sessions in auctions and sales, at least three in other areas of Queensland, two in Sydney and one in Melbourne, and four in New Zealand. He currently works with nine sales agents in an ongoing one-on-one coaching and mentoring program.

“This year’s books are already filling so it looks like an even busier year, with both corporate-initiated and in-office sessions.”

Mr Tucker said that 2019 had begun as a busy year and was looking forward to stepping up into his new challenge.

“I am very impressed with the culture and camaraderie within RE/MAX, and the leadership team behind RE/MAX Australia and RE/MAX New Zealand; and I am excited by the opportunity to further my commitment through the Business Growth Consultant role.”

RE/MAX Australia and RE/MAX New Zealand Director Joel Davoren said, “As Directors, we looked at how a new role on the corporate would most benefit our franchise business and the businesses of our members, and the appointment of Dene to such a role just made perfect sense.

“We are excited to bring Dene closer in to the RE/MAX community,” Mr Davoren said.

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