RE/MAX Australia takes award announcements online

RE/MAX Australia have virtually congratulated their 2021 six-month award winners, highlighting the achievements of nationwide offices.

The announcement:

RE/MAX Australia announced its 2021 six-month awards with hampers for winners in lieu of an event.

“Twelve months ago, we had to move to a virtual platform to announce our top performers for the January to June period and this time, uncertainties of travel would have prevented many in our network from attending a celebration of achievement,” said RE/MAX Australia Managing Director Joel Davoren. 

“Not only do we recognise great performances, but we also acknowledge how adaptive, innovative and determined this network is,” he said.

RE/MAX Results, Morningside, claimed Top Office for gross commission. The leading office for transaction sides was RE/MAX Success in Toowoomba.

The Neilson Team from RE/MAX Bayside Properties was Top Team for gross commission and the Jacqui Walker Team, from RE/MAX Success, was tops for transaction sides.

Todd Gerhardt from RE/MAX Advantage, Wynnum, and Stacey Arlott from RE/MAX Results, Mackay, were the top individuals for commission earned and number of transactions respectively. 

RE/MAX Australia’s number one office for growth in property management over the first six months of this year was RE/MAX Living in Burpengary.

“Kathy Sweeney has a very professional team of property managers who have excelled in growing the rent roll through their exceptional service,” Mr Davoren said.

“As a network and as an industry, we have seen how very important is has become to adapt our business practices and continue providing outstanding real estate experiences, and the RE/MAX Australia team has supported our brokers and agents – evolving, innovating and arming them with new tools and products to excel in their response to customer needs.”

Full awards list

Top five offices, gross commission
1. RE/MAX Results
2. RE/MAX Regency
3. RE/MAX Bayside Properties
4. RE/MAX Success
5. RE/MAX Advantage

Top five offices, transaction sides
1. RE/MAX Success
2. RE/MAX Results
3. RE/MAX Regency
4. RE/MAX Bayside Properties
5. RE/MAX Extreme

Top five Teams, gross commission
1. Neilson Team , RE/MAX Bayside Properties 
2. Evans Properties Team, RE/MAX Results
3. Jacqui Walker Team, RE/MAX Success
4. Melita Bell Team, RE/MAX Success 
5. Team Hinterland, RE/MAX Hinterland

Top five Teams, transaction sides
1. Jacqui Walker Team, RE/MAX Success

2. Melita Bell Team, RE/MAX Success
3. Neilson Team, RE/MAX Bayside Properties
4. Team Elevate, RE/MAX Success
5. Simon Salm Team, RE/MAX Bayside Properties

Top five Individuals, gross commission
1. Todd Gerhardt, RE/MAX Advantage 
2. Stacey Arlott RE/MAX Results
3. Danny Woolbank, RE/MAX Property Centre 
4. Tamara Hall, RE/MAX Advantage 
5. Vicki Ford, RE/MAX Victory

Top five Teams, transaction sides 
1. Stacey Arlott, RE/MAX Results
2. Vicki Ford, RE/MAX Victory
3. Sue Robertson, RE/MAX Coastal Lifestyle
4. Todd Gerhardt, RE/MAX Advantage
5. Kylee Harnisch, RE/MAX Results

Top Property Management Office, net growth & percentage growth
1. RE/MAX Living

Source: RE/MAX Australia

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