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Ray White’s Cameron Crombie wins gold for Australia

Congratulations Cameron Crombie of Ray White Canberra, who won a gold medal in the F38 shot put at the Commonwealth Games this week.

By day the star athlete is a sales agent at Ray White Canberra in the capital city.

“It won’t sink in for a while yet, it could be a few weeks or months. I haven’t had much sleep and I’ve only eaten once since 3pm yesterday. My event was so late, by the time I finished with doping control it was midnight, so it was a late night,” said the 32-year-old world champion who just added the gold medal to his haul.

“Right now my body is recovering, but what an experience. It’s one that I will never forget,” he said from the Gold Coast.

Mr Crombie said he was so very proud and happy to have won gold for Australia.

“There’s actually some guys who have been throwing shot put since 1988 and been to nine straight Paralympics and World Championships but never had an opportunity to go to Commonwealth Games because that particularly category has never come up,” he said.

“So to have a para event at all is the first big stepping stone and then to have an event that you are the current world record holder is like a stroke of luck.”

F38 athletes have to show clear evidence of ataxia, meaning it’s both a physical and neurological impairment.

“I had a stroke as a kid when I was born and that took out some motor function on the left side of my body, so it doesn’t quite function as the right side,” Mr Crombie said.

“My twin brother is fine and he was there to watch last night. He might be better looking than me but he doesn’t have a gold medal now does he?”

Mr Crombie, who sell residential homes in Canberra, thanked his team at Ray White Canberra for supporting him and his 25 hours of training each week.

“Ray White Canberra are focused on the right areas and that is why I decided to work for them,” he said, who has been an agent for five years.

“The support from Ray White has been amazing and I couldn’t hope for a more supportive and enjoyable place to work.”

Being the current shot Commonwealth Games gold medallist, plus world record holder and a previous Australian rowing champion, Mr Crombie knows plenty about goals, hard work, dedication and obligation.

He firmly believes “how you do one thing, is how you do everything”.

It is along these lines that he prepared for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and now also has his sights set on the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020.

Between his career in real estate and elite sport, Mr Crombie still finds time to be heavily involved as a volunteer firefighter with the ACT Rural Fire Service (since 2013), and a committee member of the Ginninderra Athletics Club.

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