Ray White projects division expands to meet rapid growth in Western Sydney

The end-to-end service will combine sales and marketing and use social and digital media to engage buyers.

The Announcement:

No market in Australia is undergoing the profound growth witnessed in Western Sydney today. With the population expected to grow by 1 million, or 46 per cent, over the next two decades, Western Sydney is one of the fastest-growing regions in the country.

In response to the rapid growth in the region, well-established property brand, Ray White, continues to disrupt the entrenched players by expanding their project division by launching a holistic end-to-end service where sales and marketing collide.

The expanded Ray White Projects Division will seek to harness social and digital media in a way that will engage and reach the savvy buyer in Western Sydney like no other agency has done before. Connecting sales and marketing will also ensure the target market is captured and provided for at an earlier stage.

Managing Director of Ray White Projects Western Sydney, Mark Bernberg, has been a leading force behind the expanded project division, by bringing a fresh perspective and unique experience of targeted digital and social campaigns during his time in the technology sector.

“The way we consume information has changed, and the Western Sydney market is no different. With the far more sophisticated clientele, it’s no longer sufficient to just place an advertisement in the local paper. You need to be targeting people, and closely tracking successes and failures. This can only be done by harnessing the latest technology and diving deep into back-end target market analytics,” said Mark.

By breaking away from traditional real estate marketing, Ray White Projects, has revamped its sales and marketing offerings, by adding social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, to the portfolio.

Commercial Managing Director, Peter Vines, who also is a partner in the Project Division, said that targeted marketing has become key to succeed with campaigns to meet the various needs of each consumer group.

“Generation Z is very different to Millennials, targeting each individual is incredibly important. It’s no longer good enough to have a broad marketing and sales campaign that hopes to capture all demographics as they respond to marketing in distinctive ways, millennials want purposeful information delivered quick and to know who and what they’re engaging with,” said Peter.

Through Ray White, the revamped Projects Division is living up to the well-established name of Australia’s largest real estate group and will continue to revolutionise project marketing by setting a new industry benchmark for premium, high-end campaigns.

“Working closely with developers allows us to establish the optimal design, branding, marketing, and sales release strategies, in order to increase both pricing and sale conversion for off the plan projects Ray White Projects is committed to maximising the value of their clients’ projects and servicing their every requirement to the highest standards,” Peter concludes.

Source: The Jones Collective

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